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   B...Be responsible 
   U...Use respect                                          
   C...Cooperate ​                                
…(Be) Kind         
    S…(Be) Self-disciplined  
Sycamore Lane Elementary
Student/Parent Guidelines
Sycamore Lane Elementary will continue our school-wide discipline program entitled Positive Behavior Intervention & Support, PBIS. Teachers and staff members will reward students for exhibiting behaviors outlined on our conduct matrix. Please see more details in this brochure.
Classroom Rules and procedures will be shared with parents and will be posted in every classroom.
Please see specific details about fighting and bullying below. Sycamore Lane Elementary does not tolerate physical aggression and/or bullying. Also, electronic devices should not be brought to school to avoid theft and/or damage.
Office referrals, are not limited to, but will result from the following:
1) Physical aggression and or fighting Students must keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times. 2)Repeated Class disruptions, ob-scene language, destruction of school property 3)Bullying of others 4)Stealing 5)Cheating

NOTE: The first offense of fighting/physical aggression, profanity/disrespect toward staff may result in a suspension from school. A parent conference will be scheduled and a zero on the assignment will be the consequence for students caught cheating.

If a student elects to bring an electronic device to school without permission, Sycamore Lane will abide by Scotland County Board of Education policy and the following consequences will be enforced.
1st Offense - confiscated for 10 school days
2nd Offense – confiscated for 20 school days
3rd Offense – confiscated for 30 school days
4th Offense – confiscated for remainder of school year

Level 1 Rule Violation
Vandalism/cut seats/writing on seats or bus Tampering with bus equipment including exit doors/hatches Possession weapons/firearms/explosive devices Physical abuse/fighting/pushing/tripping Bullying/Communicating threats Abusive language toward others including the bus driver Possession of Alcohol/Illegal Drugs/Controlled Substances Opening rear bus door while bus is in motion
Level 2 Rule Violation
Disobedient/Failure to follow instructions Putting head, feet, and/or hands out of windows Eating/drinking on bus Throwing objects in the bus or out of windows Inappropriate language Moving about while the bus is in motion Inappropriate use of an electronic device NO parent home to receive child
Level 1 Mandatory Action
1st Infraction 5 Day Bus Suspension 2nd Infraction 15 Day Bus Suspension 3rd Infraction Remainder of Year Suspension
Level 2 Mandatory Action
1st Infraction Conference/Warning/Notify Parent 2nd Infraction 3 Day Bus Suspension 3rd Infraction 5 Day Bus Suspension 4th Infraction 15 Day Bus Suspension 5th Infraction Remainder of Year Suspension

Students should come dressed comfortably and appropriate for the school day. A student’s attire should not distract from the learning environment.
*Shoulders and midriff must be covered, though sleeveless apparel is acceptable; *Clothing must not be overly tight; *Undergarments must not be visible; *Shorts, dresses and skirts must be of reasonable length (Grades 3-5 must be at the child’s fingertips or longer) *Pants/shorts must be worn at the waist. (NO SAGGING) *Sunglasses, head coverings, and hats may only be worn out-side; *Clothing and accessories must not have pictures or messages that are lewd, vulgar, obscene, or degrade individuals or groups, or promote violence, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or illegal substances; *Hoodies are not allowed to be worn inside the school building *For your child’s safety, shoes with a back strap must be worn at all times. FLIP FLOPS are not allowed.
The above descriptions are intended as examples only and in no way limits the scope of Sycamore Lane’s dress code policy. If a student is not dressed appropriately, a parent conference will be held and subsequent infractions may result in a suspension from school.

Sycamore Lane Elementary is identified as a Title 1 School. As required by The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001, Title 1 Part A, information is available to you at our school to include but is not limited to the following:
The School Improvement Plan, qualifications of your child’s teacher and teacher assistant, professional development opportunities for teachers and assistants to ensure highly qualified personnel, opportunities for parent involvement and input and a copy of the Scotland County School System Report Card.
Welcome to Sycamore Lane Elementary for the 2015-2016 school year! I look forward to working with you all and anticipate a successful school year. This is an exciting time as we merge into the best school in Scotland County, Sycamore Lane Elementary. The guidelines with-in this handbook will serve as a structure that will ensure the safety and learning of each and every student.
Best wishes for a great year!
Mrs. Lewis

Students who live reasonably near the school may walk or ride a bike to school. Students, who walk or ride a bike home, will report to a staff member in the bus parking lot at dismissal. Kindergarten through 2nd grade students who do not have a parent to receive them on school grounds at dismissal will not be released. Third—fifth grade students must have a letter on file stating that someone will be available to receive them at home. We appreciate your support for ensuring the safety of your student.
Sycamore Lane Students will learn in a rigorous and engaging environment through the support of staff, fellow-students and family.
Principal: Pamela Lewis Assistant Principal: LaTonya McLean (910) 277-4350

7:30-7:50 a.m. Free Breakfast
8:00 a.m. Tardy Bell/ Announcements
2:20 p.m. Car Rider Dismissal
2:30p.m. Bus Rider Dismissal
Please take a few minutes to read this brochure and review the information with your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.

Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. Parents should use the car loop in front of the school to drop off students beginning at 7:30. To ensure all students are safe and properly supervised, please do not drop your child off before 7:30. Staff members will be on duty at this time and can direct your student into the building. To foster a sense of independence for our students, parents will be allowed to escort their child to class through September 14th. Please know that we will help create a trusting and nurturing environment for your child to be able to walk-in on their own.

It is important that students arrive at school on time. Students arriving after 8:00 are considered tardy and must be accompanied by a parent to the front office. Parents must sign in his/her child so that the student will receive a pass to enter class. 

When visiting, use the bell at the door to access the office area. As safety is major concern, ALL VISITORS (parents included) must sign in at the front office and receive a VISITOR STICKER before visiting classrooms or accessing the hallway.
Conferences with teachers must be scheduled during their planning period or before/after school hours.
When signing your student out, a photo ID must be shown. ONLY those people listed on the student’s information card will be allowed to pick him/her up. To protect the instructional time of our students, NO STUDENT will be allowed to sign out after 2:00 pm. Unless you present a doctor’s note. Please make all appointments during after-school hours.

Safety is our number one priority at Sycamore Lane Elementary School. This year we will use car tags to ensure your child’s safety. You will receive them before school or on the first day of school. Please place the numbered car tag on your rearview mirror in order to pick up your child. Without the tag, you will need to park in the teacher parking lot, walk inside with your ID to pick up your student. If someone other than you picks up your child, pass along the car tag to them to use in the car loop.

CAR RIDERS will be dismissed to the car loop directly in front of the school. Teachers conducting car loop duty will help students into their vehicles. All parents are expected to stay in a single file fashion around the car loop. At no time will students cross traffic!

DAYCARE VANS will load at the bus loop. Teachers will escort these students to the bus lot and ensure they load the appropriate van for transport.

Please notify your child’s teacher in writing if there will be a change in his/her normal transportation. Changes WILL NOT be made over the telephone, for your child’s safety, as we cannot identify a caller’s identity. A student’s word will not be used to change his/her transportation. Safety first!

During the first week of school, you will receive an information card. Please complete and return to school, being sure to provide multiple telephone numbers where we can contact you. This card is primarily used to contact you in the event there is an emergency and for ordinary communication between you and the school. Remember to include ALL persons that are allowed to pick up your child.

The school has no way of knowing who has been awarded custody and/or who can have legal contact with a student if proper documentation has not be submitted to the front office. Submit the appropriate paperwork as soon as possible.

We expect all students to be in class each and everyday. In the event that your child has to be absent, please provide a written note that includes: child’s name, date of absence, reason for absence, and parent signature. A perfect attendance certificate is awarded to students who have attended school each and every day of the school year. Please see more details in this handbook.
Medicine, including aspirin, eye drops, and cough drops, cannot be administered by the school unless we receive a medical form signed by a physician and parent. Please submit the form to the front office or school nurse.

Students are responsible for all textbooks and library books issued to them during the school year. All lost or damaged books must be paid for. All monies collected are recorded by the bookkeeper are used for replacement purposes.

Scotland County Schools will again participate in the Community Eligibility Provision which allows us to provide meals at no cost to all students.
Students may eat lunch in the cafeteria or bring their own lunch. Soft drinks and lunches that need to be heated are not permitted.
Students may also purchase snacks in the cafeteria. You can apply snack money to your student’s account daily, weekly or monthly. Credit cannot be extended.

If your child misplaces something at school, you may contact the front office to check to see if it has been placed in lost and found.
Items that have not been claimed in a reasonable amount of time, will be placed in our clothing closet to be used for students at Sycamore Lane.

Four classroom parties are held throughout the year and will begin at 1:45 Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter. Dates will be communicated in advance of each party.
In order to protect instructional time, we cannot accommodate birthday parties. Store-bought cupcakes may be served at lunch as long as there are enough purchased for the entire class. Party hats, favors and invitations are not allowed.

The Sycamore Lane PTO is an organization of parents and teachers who work together to improve the school climate for our students. Your help is needed to ensure that our students get the best education possible and reap the rewards of their success. Please contact the front office if you are interested in being a part of the Sycamore Lane family.
Scotland County Schools require that anyone taking part in a school activity have a criminal background check. Forms are available on the Scotland County Schools website or you can pick one up from the front office.

1st Nine Weeks - Sept. 23
2nd Nine Weeks - Dec. 2
3rd Nine Weeks - Feb. 24
4th Nine Weeks - May 4
1st Nine Weeks - Nov. 2
2nd Nine Weeks - Jan. 25
3rd Nine Weeks - Apr. 11
4th Nine Weeks - June 8

School Mascot: Buck
School Colors: Green / Blue
School Address: 2100 Sycamore Lane
Laurinburg, NC 28352
School Phone #: (910) 277-4350

Academic Policy NEW!

Student Retest
Students will have the opportunity to retake tests where they score below 80%. The student must take part in remediation/interventions before taking the test. The higher score of the initial and retake test will be recorded. The retest must be taken within 10 days of the initial test.

At Sycamore Lane, we focus on the positive behaviors of our students. Through Positive (P), Behaviors (B), Interventions (I) and Sup-ports (S), we hope to help students develop appropriate behaviors and function positively in the school environment. We have created the following acronym to help students remember the character traits that will best serve them in Elementary School and throughout future school and adult lives.
B...Be responsible
U...Use respect
K…(Be) Kind
S…(Be) Self-disciplined

Students will earn tickets on a daily basis, for responsible, respectful, cooperative, kind and self-disciplined behaviors. These tickets can used to attend school events and earn specials prizes/rewards.

Grading Criteria (Grades 3—5)
10% Homework
40% Classwork (classwork, quizzes, etc.)
50% Tests, projects, common assessments, etc.) 

If a student misses 10 or more days of school, he or should could be retained in their current grade level. (The NC attendance law requires elementary students to be in school 94.5% of the school year.)
On the 10th unexcused tardy or early leave, the student will be referred to the school attendance counselor for discussion with the parents.
At the 15th unexcused tardy or early leave, the student and his/her parents will be required to meet with the school principal to determine a plan that allows the student to be on time and in school all day.
A student who has been tardy or early leave more than 15 times (unexcused) may be referred to Truancy Court.
10 unexcused tardies and/or early dismissals equal a 1-day absence.

Student Support and Guidance
We have a host of supports for our students while at school. Below you will find staff member names and their title if your child needs assistance. We love our students!
Kendall Chalmers, Guidance Counselor
Laura Paredes, Social Worker
Mindy Hill, Mental Health Provider
Gina Stocks, School Nurse
Tammy Byrd, EC Facilitator
Laura Bowen, AIG Facilitator
Brandi Allred, Instructional Facilitator
Testing Windows
Please find below testing windows for our students throughout the school year. We will send home more specific dates for our school as we approach testing times.
Sept 1-21 (Grades K-3 Beginning of Year Reading Testing)
Oct. 12-21 (Grades 3-5 1st Quarter Benchmarks)
Jan 5-27 (Grades K-3 Middle of Year Reading Testing)
Jan 6-15 (Grades 3-5 2nd Quarter Benchmarks)
Mar 14-23 (Grades 3-5 3rd Quarter Benchmarks)
May 2-24 (Grades K-3 End of Year Reading Testing)
May 25-June 8 (Grades 3-5 EOG Testing)

New Grading Scale
Mastery Level
Superior Mastery B 80-89
Mastery C 70-79
Progress toward Mastery D 60-69
Partial Mastery F Below 60 or excessive absences
Not Yet Mastered

Mark Your Calendar (Subject to Change)
September 17th: Reading Night/PTO
October 1st: Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 22nd: Fall Carnival
November 10th: Math Night / PTO (w/UNCP)
November 24th: Community Thanksgiving Meal
February 25th: Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 10th: Science Night/PTO

1st Quarter: November 5
2nd Quarter: January 28
3rd Quarter: April 14
4th Quarter: June 3 / 7 More details to come!
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